Boost your Solos

 You now no longer have to rely on the sound engineer to know when you are about to solo.

The GOOSE provides a temporary Volume Boost which is controlled by the musician.


Simply place your foot on the switch for an instant boost.


 Hand made in Australia.


 Tough IP67 rated Footswitch.


Amphenol XLR connectors.


Silent operation.


Temporary operation so you can't accidentally leave it on.






Ensure that the Phantom Power is turned off at the Mixer and the Volume is Muted.  Insert the GOOSE between your microphone lead and the Mixer lead, turn on the Phantom Power and continue as usual. Place your foot on the Footswitch to boost your Solos.

NEVER needs batteries

The Patented design is powered by the Phantom Power from the mixer and does not use any battery so you never have to worry about it running out of power.

use any type of microphone

 The Patented design passes the Phantom Power from the Mixer through to the microphone, allowing the use of your favourite Condensor, Electret or Dynamic Microphone.

GOOSE. Slight printing errors on face

Microphone Volume Boost.

Slight printing errors on face.


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Microphone Volume Boost.