MOOSE, more than a GOOSE.

 Add effects pedals to your sound, i.e. Reverb, Echo, Harmonizer, Pitch Bend.........


Try out your guitar player's pedals on your sound.


Suitable for Instruments, Vocals and Studio Experimentation.


You can use pedals from any manufacturer, enabling an unlimited amount of variations to your sound.


Volume adjustment to correctly match your signal to the pedals' level.


Solo Boost.


Hand made in Australia.


Tough IP 67 rated switch.


Amphenol XLR connectors.


Can also be used as a D.I. or Monitor send.




Simply connect your microphone and Mixer leads the same as the GOOSE, then connect a lead from the MOOSE to your effects pedals and another lead back into the MOOSE.


The Patented design is powered by the Phantom Power from the mixer and does not use any battery so you never have to worry about it running out of power.


The Patented design passes the Phantom Power from the Mixer through to the microphone, allowing the use of your favourite Condensor, Electret or Dynamic Microphone.

The MOOSE can be patched to allow Parallel Processing or power a Personal Stage Monitor.

The MOOSE can also double as a Direct Injection Unit.

Instructions are on the ADDITIONAL FEATURES page.

  • Effects such as Reverb, Echo, Phasing, Flanging, Pitch Bend, Chorus, Tremelo, Vibrato and EQ can be easily patched in to the effects loop.
  • Compression and Limiting can be added if adjusted carefully so that feedback does not occur.
  • Distortion and Overdrive, although often used with Electric Guitars, will boost your signal by up to a million times, then clip the level down to a usable voltage. This scenario is bound to cause feedback if used with a Microphone and Monitor Speakers, as is typical in a live situation.
  • Distortion could  be used in a Studio situation where Headphones are used to monitor the signal but care must still be taken to avoid feedback.



Microphone Volume Boost with Effects Loop.


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  • Ships within 3-5 days1